Pet Loss Resources

sleeping-with-her-bulldogThe majority of pet owners view their pets as members of the family, yet pet loss is a loss that often is unacknowledged or minimized. The links below are to access brochures that provide helpful tips about mourning the death of a beloved pet.  If you need help beyond theses resources,  Dr. Ponder is available to help and can provide a safe and comfortable place for you to express feelings that you are afraid to talk about elsewhere.

This brochure describes emotions that are common to grief.  Having lots of different and strong emotions after your pet has died does not mean you are going crazy.


When we have lost a pet, we can 2nd guess ourselves and feel like we didn’t do enough or act quickly enough to keep our pet alive.  This brochure addresses the issue of guilt.


There are several tips that are important to consider listed in this brochure.


Additional brochures about pet loss can be found here.

Additional helpful links: