For Women


Dr. Ponder has a passion for working with women to assist them in crafting their lives and sense of self in a manner that is consistent with their internal values.  She has worked with many women suffering from depression and anxiety that has resulted from their desire to be caring and compassionate to the point where they have forgotten to care for themselves.

In helping women get reacquainted with themselves and smiling-1180847_1280their own needs, she has seen them become freer to be present and giving in way that comes from true desire rather than a sense of guilt or obligation.

For women who are struggling in their marriages but find their husband will not come for marital therapy, there is still hope for improvements in the relationship.  Marriages and relationships are like a dance, and over time the steps can become automatic, even when they are not resulting in the quality that is desired.  Dr. Ponder helps people identify their relational patterns and make decisions they can be comfortable with to change those patterns.