FAQ’s and Contact

Q. How can I get an appointment with Dr. Ponder?

A: You can contact Dr. Ponder via telephone (Texas: 512-265-5455, IN/IL 219-809-1083).  If she is not available to accept your call, you may leave a message on her confidential voice mail.  She will return your call as soon as possible.  If you leave a message, it can help to leave information about when you can best be reached.

Q. What happens at the first appointment?

A. Dr. Ponder will send you some initial information and forms to complete.  This will include her fees, office policies and consent forms.  Dr. Ponder has a paperless office, so the forms will be completed online.  During your first appointment, she will take time to understand your concerns and gather important history that may be impacting your current concerns.  It may take several sessions for gathering all the relevant history.

Q. Are there any issues that Dr. Ponder does not work with?

A. Yes, while Dr. Ponder is trained to work with a broad array of concerns, there are some concerns that require either more specialized or more intensive treatment than she can offer.  When she speaks to you about setting up an appointment, she will ask you about your concern, and if it is clear that she is not a good fit for you, she will work with you to find the best care.

Q.  How long will therapy take?  The length of your treatment will vary with the nature of your issues and your goals.  Generally people get the most from therapy if they continue for 20 sessions.  However, there are circumstances where symptoms are resolved in less time.

Dr. Ponder is accepting new clients and would be happy to contact you to set up an appointment or answer questions you have about working with her.  If you would like to have phone contact, please leave your phone number and the best times to contact you.